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The Physician Assistant Specialists at Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialist Program

Dr. Gramos Pallissa, PT, PhD, DPT, is currently working as an assistant professor at Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists while finishing his bachelor’s degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. After completing the bachelor’s degree in philosophy, psychology and biology, Pallissa pursued his doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Chicago. During his PhD studies, Pallissa was also a student of the late Dr. Michael Plouffe, MD, one of the world’s leading authorities on rehabilitation technology.

In his doctoral studies, Pallissa researched the nature of physical rehabilitation through the use of different technologies such as Pilates, yoga, and acupressure. This research has greatly affected the development of the equipment used by physical therapists and it has also led to the development of many new therapies. In addition to the research, Pallissa also spent time in clinical settings working with patients to help improve their overall health. These clinical experiences have taught him how to provide patients with personalized care while making sure that their needs are met.

During the graduate studies, Pallissa also began practicing Pilates and Yoga for personal reasons. While working with patients, Pallissa noticed how much improvement was made by using these practices. Soon after, he began teaching these practices to other physical therapists who encouraged him to pursue his Master of Science in Education.

During his Master’s degree, Pallissa continued to study other rehabilitation therapies like yoga and Pilates. His studies of physical rehabilitation through these other therapies also helped him create a program called the Science of Recovery where he teaches professionals and laypersons alike about how to better utilize their recovery practices.

One of the programs that he developed is the Physiotherapy Research Program, where he works closely with physical therapy specialists to help them continue their research. Along the way, he also offers other physical therapy professionals with tips on how they can improve their practice and become more effective at helping patients recover. The goal of the program is to increase the knowledge of physical therapy specialists and allow them to continue to help patients.

In his last year of residency, Pallissa became an active member of the International Pilates Community. As a member, he continues to promote its awareness among physical therapists and patients alike. He also serves as an advisor to many physical therapists, giving advice on how to further enhance their practice. as well as giving classes in the Pilates style to students who are looking for a more structured way to practice Pilates.

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