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Fly Control Services

Before you take action to implement a fly control plan, you should always try to determine what might be causing your problem. This will help you decide if a natural or chemical approach is needed.

Fly Control

Flies are by far the biggest insect pests to manage. The following six flies are more common than some of the larger flies found on farms. The House fly and feedback fly are the main culprits found around livestock and equine areas.

The Horned Fly is the most common fly found on grassy areas around fields and pasture areas. It is attracted by a number of things including moisture, nectar, and plant debris. When the Horned Fly strikes a victim, it injects venom into its victim’s body that causes severe pain. The Redback Fly is similar but is smaller and much easier to detect. It is attracted to red meat and has small wings. The Redback Fly is commonly used for controlling other pest insects such as the Common Moth, Cockroach and Brown Rat.

The Face Fly and Housefly both have small bodies that are dark brown in color. These flies hide in grassy areas and feed on grasshoppers, ants, grubs, snails and egg sacks. The Face Fly feeds at night and can hide underneath loose bark, rocks, logs and other surfaces. The Housefly is commonly found in residential gardens and can be detected by their yellowish odor.

These pests feed on a variety of foods including honey, plant nectar, juices and nectar-rich areas, and large numbers of aphids. If these flies are not controlled quickly, they will cause a significant problem on farms. They feed by piercing the skin of their victims with their sharp mouth parts. They will then inject a toxin into the victim which causes severe pain. These flies are also very difficult to control using natural means.

When all else fails, call a professional who will act as soon as possible to determine the correct time and method to use. If the damage cannot be repaired, you should take action immediately.

You can find fly control services in your area or online. Many fly control companies have websites to provide you with details on their services and the price they charge. Some fly control companies even offer a free assessment to help you decide what methods are right for your situation.

The best option when trying to control flies is to have the flies go away naturally. The best method is to trap the flies in their winter dwelling. This is usually where they lay eggs. In this way, they are trapped before they can lay eggs and remove them from the area.

The last resort is to buy natural insecticides to be applied to the area where you have trapped the fly. You should seek advice from a professional before using any type of insecticide.

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